Multfunction Harness

This is a multifunctional dog vest with buoyancy inserts (removable or expandable!).

Size Table
Size Chest Girth Length of the vest
S 44 - 64 cm / 17.3 - 25.2 in 40 cm / 15.7 in
M 55 - 72 cm / 21.7 - 28.3 in 46 cm / 18.1 in
L 65 - 82 cm / 25.6 - 32.3 in 51 cm / 20 in
XL 75 - 92 cm / 29.5 - 36.2 in 57 cm / 22.5 in


It can be used as a life jacket, the dog has supportive buoyancy through it in the water- well suited for anxious or older dogs. The stable handle allows e.g. to lift the dog out of the water into the boat. A floating leash can be attached to the leash ring to prevent the dog from drifting (water currents).   

1. it can be used as a carrying harness/walking coat. Here, the buoyancy inserts act as pressure distributors, for example, when climbing stairs is difficult for an older or operated dog. In addition to the stable handle, one can supportively carry the dog over the shoulder by attaching a tie/leash to the two leash rings. 

2. if the inserts are removed, you get a first-class neoprene coat, which protects our darling from cold, wet and wind. Easy-care and quick-drying material has been used. 

3. the multifunctional vest also finds its permanent place of use in water therapy. Through additional inserts or the reduction of the inserts, the buoyancy of the dog is changed and can thus be adapted to the respective rehabilitation and training needs. 


We are proud to announce that our multifunctional IDC® Dog Vest 3in1 has won the 2015 Pet Business Industry Recognition Award in the USA. 

Patent Office Registration Number: DE 202012005574U1, EU 001924663-0020, EU 0019246630021, EU 002148718-0004, DE 402012005291-0002.  

European manual work 

The load capacity during training with the dog (e.g. during swimming training/ water treadmill) can be varied by increasing or decreasing the number of swimming inserts. 

Available colors: Black / Neon     

Material composition - article contains the following proportions: Polyester 20%, Polyamide 40%, Pamut 5%, Polypropylene 10%, Steel 1%, NRB Latex 1%, Neoprene 23%.

 Registration numbers Patent Office: U11 00227, U12 00162 001924663-0020, 001924663-0021, 002148718-0004, 402012005291-0002