IDC®-Stealth Powerharness

Size Table


Chest Girth

Weight of dog

Size 1

63 - 85 cm 

23 - 30 kg

Size 2

71 - 96 cm

28 - 40 kg 

Size 3

82 - 115 cm 

40 - 70 kg 

With the new handle closure releases ventilation from the harness at the support surface. The neoprene lining from the handle raises the harness half a centimeter. This allows air to circulate between the harness and the back.

-The IDC® Stealth dog harness mirrors the features of the world famous IDC® harness.

-The omission of reflective elements (seams, logos) makes this harness suitable for covert missions (e.g. police, armed forces).

-It is almost silent during the movement of the dog

-It offers safe use due to the safety buckle that covers the buckle

-The safety clasp covering the buckle slightly lifts the saddle part on the dog's back, thus allowing better air flow.  

-The handle on the back, made of special non-slip material, is used to hold the dog safely.

-The special handle fixation excludes the possibility of getting caught. Furthermore, so unauthorized persons can not easily get to the handle of the harness.

-The raised sides with Velcro fasteners are suitable for attaching large service tags.

-The writing area with Velcro created on the chest strap allows, for example, the occasional attachment of reflective elements or (POLICE or FEDERAL) logos.