For all dog owners, a practical leash with easy and comfortable handling is important. The IDC® leash made of tubular webbing has all these features. Due to the easy cleaning of the durable material, the product is long-lasting and easy to clean. The leash is ideally suited for sports, for working with the dog or for a walk.

The woven-in phosphorescent threads make the durable and highly resilient leash something special. Because of its special texture, the leash does not cut into the hand, even when pressured by the load of pulling. The tubular webbing has an easy-open metal carabiner that is durable and secure.

 Choose from three colours (black, pink, blue, red and aquamarine).  

IDC® leashes are available in various widths and lengths, with or without a loop. 

Width: 14mm - 19mm - 25mm

Length: 1,00m - 15,00m  

Special leashes: The double lead/ adjustable dog leash

- adjustable length: 1,25 - 1,6 - 2 m; total length: 2,36 m

Can be used as a double lead for two dogs  

Short lead: - length: 35cm 

Product article numbers:

- 14mm: 218-NL-[Size&Colour code.]

- 19mm: 216-NL-[size&colour code]

- 25mm: 214-NL-[size&colour code]

 Patent Office registration numbers: U10 00173, U10 00180, EN202011004172U1