Descending Carrier Harness

The reliability of the newly developed abseiling and carrying harness has proven itself in many load tests.


It is equipped with quick release safety buckles. Thanks to its ergonomic design and pressure-distributing inserts, the abseil harness is maximally comfortable for the dog. Light-reflective and phosphorescent elements provide good visibility here.


All straps, the dog harness and all Velcro fasteners should be adjusted as tightly as possible on the dog and the human for safety reasons. While the human is transporting the dog, it is imperative that the two comfortable shoulder straps at the front in front of the chest be closed with the appropriate buckles to prevent the shoulder straps (and thus the dog) from slipping off the shoulder.


The mechanical strength of the materials used and the finished overall product was checked by INNOVATEXT (Textile Engineering and Testing Institute Co.). The development was carried out by Julius Sebó and the JULIUS-K9® development team at the special request of RESCUE-24.


Patent Office registration numbers: U10 00251, U10 00252, 402010006600-0005, 402010006600-0006


Chest Girth Weight of dog Tare Weight Code
58 - 80 cm 15 - 25 kg 1,6 kg 16600-M
75 - 100 cm 24 - 40 kg 2,2 kg 16600-L
100 - 140 cm 40 - 60 kg 2,8 kg 16600-XL